– WordPress Hosting –

We are not a commercial host.

Typically, we only host clients for whom we have developed a WordPress site. By knowing exactly what’s on our WordPress hosting platform we can maximize uptime and security for each and every WordPress site that we host.

Our WordPress hosting platform is a scalable cloud-based architecture hosted in datacenters around the world.  By combining a local endpoint with a content delivery network (CDN) we can guarantee that visitors to your site will have a high-speed experience and limited downtime.

All of our hosting packages include the following:


  • Hosting on state-of-the-art cloud servers at various datacenters around the world
  • Constant resource monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring and reporting
  • Properly configured caching solutions for fast page load times
  • Nightly off-site cloud backups
  • Transactional emails sent through email delivery service as not to get flagged by spam filters


  • Endpoint firewall to protect against malicious attacks
  • Two-factor authentication to protect from unauthorized logins
  • Ability to block traffic based on country, region, or custom rules
  • Automatic blocks for unauthorized logins
  • Protection against brute-force hacking attempts
  • Nightly scans for malware and spyware
  • Daily scans for weak and compromised passwords
  • Alerts for unauthorized DNS changes
  • Scans for zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Regular checks to confirm site is not on a blacklist
  • Live view and analysis of incoming traffic


Site Maintenance

  • Regular updates for WordPress core files, themes and plugins
  • Nightly scans against unauthorized file changes
  • Daily scans for 404 errors and redirects to help with site integrity and SEO ranking