– Custom Application Development –

How does Glimmernet Technologies develop well-constructed, successful custom applications on time and under budget? We take pride in our work, from code to complete software solutions. We also leverage all that Microsoft .NET has to offer in order to develop feature-rich, scalable, user-friendly web and mobile apps that work for you and work the way they’re supposed to.

  • Front-End .NET Development
  • Back-End .NET Development
  • Custom Web-Based Applications
  • Custom Mobile Applications
  • UX/UI Specialization

Software Solutions Built For You

Whether your startup is looking for an app to enable project collaboration or you need an enterprise-level solution to manage sales data, we understand that custom application development isn’t a one size fits all process. We get to know you. Making sure our design and deployment methodologies ultimately meet your needs starts with clear communication upfront and throughout the software development process.

Looking For Custom SaaS Applications?

  • Mobile Ordering & Shopping Apps
  • Automated Business Processes – HR, Quotes, Claims
  • Boutique Business Management Software
  • Niche Social Networking Apps
  • Mobile Customer Portals
  • Mobile Billing, Booking & Ticketing Apps
  • Asset Management Platforms
  • Custom Time-Tracking & Reporting Software
  • Employee Collaboration, Calendars & Chat
  • Real-Time Inventory Management Apps

Consistent, Well-Proven Development Strategies

We stand by our methodology. After all, over 35 years of combined experience in the field of delivering successful applications must mean we’re doing something right. From the initial inception to the analysis, design, construction, testing, and delivery of each phase of your application, Glimmernet Technologies carefully monitors and manages the development process.

Robust, Secure, Custom Applications

At the core of every application is what we refer to as the engine. The engine is made up of a database and the logic required to collect, store, process, query, and report data. You can think of the engine as the “guts” of the application. It runs behind the scenes.

Our software development company specializes in building strong, secure, robust engines capable of handling thousands of transactions reliably. Microsoft .NET helps us make that happen.

  • Long-Standing Reputation For Security & Dependability
  • Larger Apps With Less Code Means Faster Deployment
  • Solid Application Architecture
  • High-Performance Design Capabilities
  • Easy To Customize, Maintain & Scale

UX/UI – Usability, Built-In

We’ve all heard some iteration of “I’m sorry, my computer is giving me a hard time” while waiting for services or trying to make a purchase. That’s because sitting on top of the engine is the user interface, and not all user interfaces are actually user-friendly.

No matter how clean our code is or how functional our functions are, user experience and user interface will determine how, well, usable your new custom application is. Our UX/UI specialists can work with you to design a system that irons out the kinks in your business instead of adding more headaches.

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