– Application Development –

Well constructed and successful applications, delivered on time and under budget can usually point to one or two factors as the reason for success. Most important is the use of a consistent, well proven and disciplined development methodology.

We stand by our methodology. Over 35 years combined experience in the field of delivering successful applications must mean we do something right. From the initial inception, to the analysis, design, construction, testing and delivery of each phase of your application, Glimmernet carefully monitors the applications progression.

Designing the Engine

At the core of every application is what we refer to as the engine. The engine is comprised of a database and any required database/ business logic required to collect, store, process, query and report data. THe engine is the “guts” of the application, and runs independent of the user interface. We specialize in building strong, secure robust engines capable of handling thousands of transactions reliably as well as, securely.

Sitting on top of the engine, is the user interface, usually hosted on on a web interface and presented over the intra/internet. Most common interfaces today are based on HTTP, Web or Internet technologies although some applications are stretching themselves to include PDA’s and Smart Cell phones.

We believe the engine drives the application and our careful use of a disciplined methodology ensures enough attention is paid to the design.

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