Automated Website Privacy Policy

Your Website Privacy Policy: Covering Your Digital Ass-et

Keeping up with the legal ins and outs of privacy policies, terms and conditions, and disclaimers is all but impossible, — not to mention overwhelming. But what if you could automate all of it? Website privacy laws and legal disclosures are ever-evolving in the interest of protecting consumers—your customers. States are constantly proposing and passing new legislation to keep up in the rapidly growing digital world. Given the penalties per infringement, non-compliance just isn’t an option.

“My website is so small, I don’t need all that legal stuff.”

Now, you might be thinking, “Do I really need a website privacy policy?” The short answer: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Whether you’re collecting emails for your newsletter or gathering info through a contact form, you’re dealing with sensitive consumer data that is protected under various state laws. And trust us, you don’t want to mess around with that stuff.

Website Privacy Policy

Avoid Lawsuits: If the Laws Change, You Policy Will Automatically Change Too

Are you up to date on the constantly evolving privacy policy laws? We’d guess that you aren’t. But it’s ok, our automated solution is written by attorneys and is easy to set up and implement. We will walk you through a one-time setup interview and embed the various policies on your site. When the laws change, your policies do as well, greatly minimizing the risks of compliance-related lawsuits so you can stay focused on the business of running your business.

What’s Covered?

  • Privacy Policies
  • Terms of Service
  • End-User License Agreements
  • Disclaimers

How it works: Website Privacy Policy Automation

Seamless Implementation: Glimmernet Technologies offers a hassle-free solution for implementing a comprehensive website privacy policy.
Expert Guidance: Our expert team will guide you through a one-time setup interview, ensuring that all the necessary policies are embedded correctly.
Stay Compliant: With our solution, you can stay compliant with changing laws effortlessly. Our automated system ensures that your policy is always up-to-date, reducing the risks of compliance-related lawsuits.
Automatic Updates: If a law changes, your website privacy policy updates automatically, keeping your website compliant without any manual intervention required.
Focus on Your Business: With our automated privacy policy, you can focus on running your business effectively and with peace of mind, knowing that your website’s privacy policy is always current and compliant.


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