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About Glimmernet Technologies

Glimmernet Technologies is a leading provider of application development and web design.

For the past seventeen years, Glimmernet Technologies has provided software development and web design services to companies looking to modernize their existing applications, automate business processes, and create effective workflow solutions for their employee, partner and customer experiences.

Our web design team specializes in working with a variety of clients across multiple industries.  Typically customers select Glimmernet Technologies when they are:

  • Needing to gain better visitor intelligence over who is visiting their site
  • Wanting to implement an ecommerce solution
  • Pursuing a complete overhaul of their internet presence
  • Needing to make a few simple changes to their site
Antifa Redirects to Joe Biden

Antifa Redirects to Joe Biden

There is a meme going around right now that says to type in antifa.com and see what happens. Spoiler: antifa redirects to Joe Biden.  That is antifa.com redirects to joebiden.com. The political right says this shows Biden’s support for antifa.  The political left is...

Antifa Redirects to Joe Biden

Does JoeBiden.com Host Antifa.com

This post is a sidebar on an deep dive into domain redirects as it relates to Antifa.com redirecting to JoeBiden.com. If you haven't already done so, please read the post titled Antifa Redirects to Joe Biden for context on why this part of the test was necessary and...

Adding a WordPress User via PHP

Occasionally it happens where we are inheriting a site developed by someone else where we have file system access, but not access to WordPress itself.  When this occurs, we can use PHP to create a new WordPress administrator account to let us into WordPress to take...

Hacked by ppe-hosted.com?

Hacked by ppe-hosted.com?

We received an alert from our internal monitoring system that a domain that we oversee for one of our clients had a configuration error causing the www subdomain to not resolve properly.  We immediately ran a DNS report to see what was amiss and noticed that, not only...

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