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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but ⌘+SHIFT+T (or Ctrl+Shift+T if you’re on Windows) will reopen the tab you just closed in your browser.

Go forth and conquer those tabs.

We are still dealing with a power outage that is impacting some services. We’ll keep you posted on progress. More info at https://Facebook.com/glimmernet

Bummer! But we’ll let you know for when it’s rescheduled! Follow @Glimmernet for more info! https://t.co/R5Yobp2P6r


It's easy to express yourself by Retweeting with a comment. What if you could take it a step further and include media? Starting today, you can! Retweet with photos, a GIF, or a video to really make your reaction pop. Available on iOS, Android, and https://mobile.twitter.com.

*this* is how you manage your brand online!

@AlekKrautmann Hey Alek, next time bagels are on us, sliced however you'd like. 😉 Can you DM us?

If you’re buying a flash memory card, this is a good technical (but not over the top) read

1/ I don't know how flash memory works, so I thought I'd post this picture resulting from searching on http://Amazon.com for "SanDisk Extreme 64GB". Three different cards named "Extreme", the only difference being "A2"/'A1"/"". My question is why the prices don't match.

Spent far too long today trying to determine why some systems would update Outlook to v1901 and others were stuck at 1808. All to diagnose a rendering issue in the new version.

Anyone know what HTML rendering engine is used by Microsoft @Outlook ? (Specifically version 1901, if that matters)

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